Samantha Walkes

Upcoming Events

If you love the music from the Motown era, COME OUT and dance with us!
Sister Walkes will be performing Saturday February 3rd, 2018 at Boston Manor (4460 Fairview St., Burlington, ON). We start our first set at 9pm and play till 1am!
Check back soon for more dates and times in 2018!

Sister Walkes Debut Performance, Old Firehall Ancaster, Ontario June 5th, 2015.

Samantha Walkes and Candace Walkes

Music Director, Russ Weil.
Produced by Tom Omorean and Russ Weil

In March 2018, you can find me at the Great Canadian Theatre Company out in Ottawa, ON.
I'll be working on the play, How Black Mothers Say I Love You, by Trey Anthony.
Check out the GCTC website for more information and how to purchase your ticket:

Playwright and performer Trey Anthony joins Shad to discuss her new play "How Black Mothers Say I Love You". It takes an emotional look at a mother geographically separated from her children, and the larger issue of the relationships between economic migrants and the kids they leave behind.